Sample Annotated Bibliography: Ferguson Police Department

Sample Annotated Bibliography: Ferguson Police Department

Chanin, J., & Espinosa, S. (2016). Examining the determinants of authorities department transparency: The view of authorities professionals. Criminal Justice Plan Review, 27(5), 498-519.

The techniques employed by the Ferguson Police Department is “publicly facing behavior”. In accordance with Chanin and Espinosa (2016), the companies that practice public-facing behavior just like the Ferguson Police division are very likely to share their information using public. Its obvious that after the people in the authorities division share information utilizing the public, they are able to encourage collaboration using the community in fighting criminal activity in the region.

Ferguson Police Department applied this strategy inside a bid to enhance good relationship involving the cops additionally the neighborhood members. A detailed relationship between these two stakeholder categories of the criminal justice system could have a significant effect on safety processes, in addition they work well in decreasing crime. Chanin and Espinosa (2016) further reiterated that data sharing with community members do not just provide strategic gains in community trust and familiarity, however it also can aid in enhancing organizational authenticity.

Donner, C., Maskaly, J., Fridell, L., & Jennings, W. G. (2015). Policing and procedural justice: a advanced review. Policing: an international log of authorities strategies & management, 38(1), 153-172.

In the conversation carried out by Donner, Maskaly, Fridell, and Jennings (2015), zero tolerance had been among their particular recommended techniques that police divisions can apply as a way of enhancing community policing. Zero threshold is effective in avoiding crime. The Ferguson police department in addition to popular “Ferguson effect” may have dedicated to the zero-tolerance strategy for quite a few years. The shooting of Michael Brown might because of the an excessive amount of dependence on zero-tolerance strategies.

Regarding neighborhood policing, zero threshold is efficient in boosting collaboration between police officers and community members. Every person wants to be honest and transparent in the or the woman activities locally to avoid learning to be a target when it comes to police. Because of this, people would like collaborating utilizing the police in stopping crime. The city people can determine possible criminals, as well as often helps the authorities which will make precise investigations to avert crimes in the areas included.

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